Element Productions

Bittersweet (2008)

Bitter sweet

Dir: Declan Eames Writer: Di Burrows
Cast: Una Kavanagh, Catherine Walker, Deirdre O’Kane, Risteard Cooper, Robert Sheehan, Eva Docolomanska

Bittersweet, written by Di Burrows (Bad Girls / Coronation Street) and directed by Declan Eames, was a TV film developed by Element Pictures in conjunction with RTE. This 90 minute TV drama was aired in Spring 2008.

Bittersweet tells the story of re-united Dublin friends Carmel, Gerry and Marie. Three very different worlds, three very different women but everything in common, Bittersweet celebrates their lives and loves. Everything’s looking rosy - until reality bites…

Little White Lie (2008)

No Laughing Matter

Dir: Nick Renton Writers: Barry Murphy and Stuart Carrlon
Cast: Andrew Scott, David Pearse, David Murray, Caoilfhionn Dunne, Andrew Bennett, Elaine Cassidy

Little White Lie is a TV film developed by Element Pictures in conjunction with RTE. Written by Barry Murphy and Stuart Carolan, the entire production took place in Ireland. It is due to be aired in Summer 2008.

This romantic comedy revolves around Barry, a down on his luck actor whose life and career has fallen to bits since he was dumped by his highflying girlfriend. When his agent Malcolm and his brother John, a psychiatrist, try to get him out of his slump by advising him to lie to women about what he does for a living, it all starts to get a little more complicated than Barry would have hoped for.

Prosperity (2007)


Dir: Lenny Abrahamson Writer: Mark O'Halloran
Cast: Shane Thornton, Siobhan Shanahan, Leroy Harris, Eileen Colgan, Gary Egan, Diveen Henry
Awards: 2008 IFTAs for Best Director Television and Best Script Television 2008

Properity was a series of four one hour films developed with RTE and broadcast on RTE2 in 2007. Written by Mark O’Halloran and directed by Lenny Abrahamson, Prosperity won two IFTAs in 2008 for Best Writer in Television and Best Director in Television.

Prosperity tells four powerful, moving and funny stories set on the same day, each examining the life of a single character on the margins of the Celtic Tiger. While each story stands alone, over the series the subtle connections between the characters are revealed.

Pure Mule (2005) *

Pure Mule

Dir: Declan Recks, Charlie McCarthy Writer: Eugene O'Brien
Cast: Garrett Lombard, Tom Murphy, Eileen Walsh, Gary Lydon, Charlene McKenna
Awards: IFTAs in 2005 for Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Sound, Best Director and Best Actor

Produced by Ed Guiney for Accomplice TV, Pure Mule was the highest rating drama on RTE 2. Pure Mule was a 6 episode series written by award winning playwright Eugene O’Brien and directed by Declan Recks and Charlie McCarthy.

Set in rural Ireland, Pure Mule takes a modern day look at the goings on in a small town in the midlands. Each of the six episodes is a self-contained story focusing on the weekend of one particular character.


* Pure Mule was produced by Ed Guiney for Accomplice TV

Bachelors Walk (2001-2003) *

Bachelors Walk

Dir: John Carney, Kieran Carney, Tom Hall
Cast: Simon Delaney, Don Wycherley, Keith McErlean, Marcella Plunkett
Awards: IFTA 2003 for Best TV Drama

Produced by Ed Guiney for Accomplice TV, Bachelors Walk ran for three series from 2001 to 2003. Written and directed by Tom Hall, and brothers Kieran and John Carney, the series was shot on location around Dublin city.

This comedy drama produced for RTE is based on three bachelors who share a house Dublin's Bachelor's Walk: Raymond the film critic; Michael the solicitor; and Barry who is constantly on the look out for get-rich-quick schemes.


* Bachelors Walk was produced by Ed Guiney for Accomplice TV