Ireland 1919: Damian (Cillian Murphy) and Teddy (Pádric Delaney) are brothers fighting in a guerrilla war for Irish independence from the British. Workers from field and country unite to ambush the notorious Black and Tans squads. Through his military experience Damian, becomes politicised. When a treaty giving an apparent level of victory to the fighters is signed in 1921 the brothers find themselves pitted against each other in terms of their ideals for the country’s future.

“ ★★★★ Loach has a talent for making an ordinary scene with little or no dialogue seem like an epic and this one has a few that will stand out in the memory. ” more
“ Hollywood Reporter. With his poet's cheekbones and blue eyes, Murphy makes a fine romantic hero, and Delaney is a match as his duty-bound brother. Liam Cunningham, too, stands out as a thoughtful train driver-turned-rebel. ” more
“ Cannes Film Festival 2006 - Palme d'Or ” more
“ European Film Awards 2006- Best Cinematographer - Barry Ackroyd ” more
“ Irish Film & Television Awards 2007 - Best Irish Film (Audience Award) ” more
“ Irish Film & Television Awards 2007- Best Film ” more
“ Irish Film & Television Awards 2007 - Best Supporting Actor - Liam Cunningham ” more
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