In ROSIE, award-winning Irish novelist Roddy Doyle brings his signature brand of warmth and authenticity to a modern story of a Dublin family who has found themselves with nowhere left to go. Hailed as the most important Irish film of the year, ROSIE follows a young mother (Sarah Greene) as she searches to find a room for the night for her family.

“ ★★★★ The Guardian. A family of six are forced on to the street after losing their rented house in a powerful and moving drama written by Roddy Doyle. ” more
“ ★★★★ The Irish Times. Burns with a raw, insistent urgency. There are essential truths here. ” more
“ ★★★★★ Irish Examiner. Rosie is the most important film to appear on Irish screens this year. ”
“ Hollywood Reporter. A modest, social realist drama, its air of familiarity does not diminish its impact as a heartbreak. ” more
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