Ex-boxer Douglas ‘Arm’ Armstrong (Cosmo Jarvis) is the faithful and violent right-hand-man to the drug-dealing Devers clan, ready to dole out beatings at the whim of his best friend, and the family’s unpredictable protégé, Dympna (Barry Keoghan). Arm’s struggle to find his place in the world has consequences on his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Ursula (Niamh Algar) as she strives to find a better life for herself and their young son Jack.

“ ★★★★ The Guardian. Cosmo Jarvis is haunting as a brutal enforcer torn between his duty to a crime clan and his son in Nick Rowland’s powerful debut feature. ” more
“ ★★★★ The Telegraph. a brutal Irish tale of sexual assault, drugs and revenge. ” more
“ ★★★★ Joe.ie. A trio of fantastic performances in a powerful, raw thriller. ”
“ ★★★★ Newstalk. Raw, tense, brutal, tender - a poignant and powerful movie. ”
“ ★★★★ Radio Nova. Brilliant Barry Keoghan shows again why he is an acting genius. ”
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